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Is it home time yet? 27 August, 2008

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I love jewellery making but whilst I am imaginative and make fun mixed media pieces I am not very talented at silverwork. This limits the pieces I can actually make but I have a sketchbook full of ideas! (If I could find it!)Margaux Lange’s silverwork is beyond perfect though. I would very much like someone to buy me this. (and while you’re at it you could get me this.) Her blog is wonderful, it is full of pictures of her workbench covered in various bits of Barbie’s body. 

I am always jealous of other people’s work because I can never be like that. I’d like to be able to do every style. It’s hard finding your own style and what your ‘thing’ is. I love indie stuff and punky stuff and cute stuff and everything inbetween. But trying to do them all at once leads to a bit of a mess. I am wondering if it will click one day and I will discover what art it is I am good at. For now here’s another Paint picture:



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