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Style 24 February, 2009

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I keep thinking of a writing style (I don’t quite have a writing style of my own, it’s made up of little bits of everywhere) that would suit this journal, something that would make it more cohesive.

At the moment I am interested in lovely twee happy, let’s-have-a-try-and-see-if-it-works, art. Fun and sweet things like knitting or crochet round a streetlamp, or letters hidden in library books.

My art and craft has no real thread tying it all together. I wish it did as it would be easier to say “This” is what I do. You have to work at art, it’s not something I am good at doing. i like to wait for inspiration but inspiration increases the more you make. Just like the love in your life increases depending on the amount you wish you love other people.

I think I am doomed to have a messy literary style. I cannot even make one post coherent, but that’s okay. The important thing is to keep it updated. Updated more often than I currently do, anyway!


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I love participation art and this is fine participation art. Always send letters!

I have had to buy one of the matchbox theatres, it called to me. Lovely!