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Some questions: 24 April, 2009

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1/ Do you keep a notebook/sketchbook? I try but inevitably it gets full of shopping lists and desperate reminders to my addled brain. (Sometimes I have to make a note to remind myself to shower) I’ve been trying to keep up the creativeness that I got from doing the piece of art a day thing. Trying to remind myself that it doesn’t matter if not every sketch is beautiful but still I don’t like how rushed and haphazard my creative life is. Just too much stuff and not enough time to do it (it doesn’t help that I have 3 different books, one is a normal notebook full of things to remember one a sketchbook/scrapbook and one a combination of both.

I bought myself a miniature moleskine note book to try and do sketches in but it’s not really worked as I hoped (Though they are very cute and portable.) I have tons of flickr notebook groups I look at for inspiration but to find my own, my own style that’s within me, that’s something I am failing miserably at. It doesn’t help that after A Level I just completely stopped doing anything arty until I took up craft things. These are all the kinks that would have been ironed out during a foundation course but I am not in the position to do one of those. I think it would be nice to fill in a diary (I have a spare one from work) every week with a sketched painting or print or some such. But I panic that what I draw is not nice enough which always kills any creativity.

2/ Following on from this, I would like to do a fine art course BUT one where creativity is pushed a lot. I don’t want to do one where they make us paint some oranges. I want to be able to do mixed media and metalwork and plasticwork too. I don’t suppose such a thing exists does it?