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16 September, 2010

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Hello! I haven’t used this blog for ages. I don’t tend to because I have a Livejournal and worry no one will read this. Especially as not everyone I know likes craft. When I first created this blog I saw it as a way to promote my business (which was going to be jewellery and knitted items. I still haven’t abandoned these ideas though.) which I was going to start on Etsy. I will eventually have an Etsy shop (building stock currently) and if it is successful go into putting my own shop on my website (www.pippaalice.com – I have a URL and not much else at the moment, but there will be a site there which is very exciting for me!) except that to start with, I am only going to put my illustrations up.

I’ve drawn since I was very little. My Mum and Dad’s walls attest to this. I never really had faith in myself regarding it until recently though. A few things started fitting into place at the same time and then HURRAH I am apparently an illustrator. I have designed a few things and you can buy my work here. If you buy then it will not only be supporting me you will be supporting a wonderful independent shop in Wellingborough. Which will mean you are amazing, and Mary Queen of Shops will love you!

I will do a big post about the process of creating the artwork for a band called H bird that I’ve finished recently but that’s going to be a tl;dr I suspect!!

Increasingly I am starting to regret adding Boing Boing and CBR to my Google reader. Is there really that much geek to go round? (I love them and I love the info I get from them but I usually wait a few days to tackle the huge build up of posts.) I still find it hard to read everything though. I hate reading online but I love the variety of information available.

My favourite posts are always a picture of something awesome and (usually) geeky and a short explanation, but I don’t think this helps my lousy 80’s-child-attention-span much.

Tonight, in slightly more hipster geek news, I am going to the Lomo event in Soho. Very excited. Not that I can afford anything but it’s nice to look at all the insanely expensive toy cameras. I am not much of a photographer but I’ve always been really interested in photography. I’m a point and click type of person but I love the different effects you can get with different cameras. What I really, really want is one of these:

thrifted: savoy camera

(NB this photo is not mine. It was taken by bugheart on flickr and is copyrighted to them. Please click on the link to find out more details.)

A Savoy Camera

They’re quite cheap and seem to have the same pretty effect as a Diana.

Last night I went to go and see Swing Girls with my friend Sarah. Swing Girls is a Japanese film in the style of ‘bunch of girls aren’t very good at a thing, get good at a thing then WIN’. It was very amusing and cute and a bit strange. The weirdest thing about it was that it was being screened in the Japanese Embassy. I had to have photo ID and be scanned to check I didn’t contain a bomb.

I learnt something yesterday as well. The Japanese have a customs dog:

Close up of Customs Dog

(NB this photo is not mine. It was taken by mutantlog on flickr and is copyrighted to them. Please click on the link to find out more details.)

Customs Dog

(NB this photo is not mine. It was taken by Hongkwonsf on flickr and is copyrighted to them. Please click on the link to find out more details.)

It appears that customs dog can be bought as a plush toy and also exists as carbon fibre scultures. Amazing.

I am a bit in love with customs dog!

I want to make a deer head for my wall. I’ve seen awesome plush on Shana Logic and now a lovely ceramic one by Jam Fancy.

ceramic deer head

(NB This photo belongs to Jam Fancy and is copyrighted to her. Please click on the link for more details.)

I do have lots of paper mache…

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