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30 September, 2010

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Hello! This is a craft update I put on my Livejournal a while ago and I thought I’d put it on here. Tomorrow my friend Aug is putting up a radio play he wrote with my other friend Jamie (from The Vichy Government) and that I accidentally came up with the idea for. I will post a link when it’s avalible. I play Miss Faffingham.

I made an owl whilst I was off sick. I confess it was from a paper-and-string kit but I still think I did a good job.

Picture 014

Picture 018

I made my dear friend Nicky a bear (because she super loves bears) for her birthday. It’s crocheted and then I brushed the yarn to make it fuzzy.

Picture 012

Picture 010

I also made her a scarf.

Note to self: Do not make scarves in July. Ever.

Picture 025

I am making a butterfly box, I have nearly finished it now and will take some more pics soon:

Picture 021

Bonus Ted Hughes Poem.

Picture 002

Bonus bonusSpongeBob Square Pants drum kit

Picture 027


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