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Starting with a little light linkspam 7 October, 2010

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Starting with a little light linkspam

Amazing intense double rainbow necklace

(It took me ages to catch on to the double rainbow thing. Amanda F Palmer kept going on about it but I thought it was another one of her impenetrable ‘fan’ things that I never understand.)

I want to cry at the beauty of this lady’s house. And at the mess my house is. (I realise crafty bloggers are supposed to sell the domestic goddess dream but mine is more the ‘where the hell is the remote?’ ‘what the hell is that doing there’ (as I trip up) dream.)

I am a geek, and a crafty person so I love this plush representation of the Discworld.

I’d really like something similar but solid as a coffee table (Okay, so, I have only read 2 Discworld novels but look at the thing, it is amazing!)

Everyone has blogged this but look at the updated xkcd map of online communities. Click on it to bring it up bigger. The detail is insane.


I’ve been attempting CRAFT and ART recently. Yesterday I came home to a big bag of wool left for me by my Mum. I’ve picked out about 300g of grey blue pure wool which must be at least 20 years old but looks good as new. It was spun in Peru I am reliably informed by the label. I’m going to make a beret with it but after that I am slightly stumped (I am also stumped as to the location of the beret I bought last year hence me having to make one.)

I also recently made a pinboard. I bought the pretty pins you see here in advance. Then I realised I needed a pinboard.

a pin board with pins

I reasoned that pretty pinboards are expensive so therefore making one will be cheap. Anyone with a scientific background will realise that this is nonsense and that there doesn’t have to be a correlation between handmade things being cheaper and shopbought ones being more expensive.

Anyway… so I bought a gigantic frame of doom on ebay (It’s just huge, A2 sized and then a bit more) and some cork which was marketed to people who like to set up toy trains.

Then I bought a vast amount of superglue and went about inaccurately gluing the cork in two layers. Only I ran out of glue and left the second part of cork on the floor. My cat, Ginny, got hold of it and ripped it to shreds. She then tried to eat it. *facepalms* Anyway I managed to salvage enough and I glued on the second layer. Instead of using a knife I just ripped out bits where it didn’t fit. Anyway, it looks quite nice as long as you don’t look at the back!

And because everyone loves a process post I though I’d show you how I turn a sketch into a finished item.

Here is a page from my sketchbook (cruelly ripped out to go on the lightbox) that I started with when designing ‘Fort Awesome’ the living space of my dear friend Bec. Bec is a white stripes fan, hence the flag and O.

And here is the finished thing. It’s a tiny bit wonky but that’s the thing with hand-drawn stuff. I basically just drew round the outline and then took it away from the lightbox and filled it in. I changed some things, made some towers bigger etc, which I find works quite well with drawings of buildings but can be complicated when doing faces as a tiny change to a face changes the whole expression.

Tomorrow I am going to the knitting and stitching show. The past 2-3 years I have always said I WILL GO TO THIS THING and I have always been shockingly broke in October. I am still broke but am going to go anyway.


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