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very old blog entries ftw 13 October, 2010

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[this is an entry from a long time ago that I never posted. I guess now is as good a time as any]

I’d never thought of gingerbread as much of an art form before but I’ve spent all today looking at epicute.com which is a fantastic blog.

(I prefer picture blogs in a lot of ways, it takes me a long time to disseminate words but it’s so easy to look at a picture and drinking it in. The pleasure of looking is so different from the pleasure of reading. If I read a beautiful sentence it wurrs my brain into gear and I think about lots of things, which is what takes me time to read anything but looking is so instant and it kind of exists for itself so I don’t have to look at it 100 times to understand it or to think about it. /blether)

Gingerbread birdhouse! Seriously amazing

Mini gingerbread house for your latte

This fashion-y house is just gorgeous

Valentine’s gingerbread

Incredibly true to the film UP! gingerbread house

If you only feel like clicking one link click the UP! one.

(NB. I’ve never entirely understood putting so much hard work into something edible unless it is for a very special occasion but I guess the impermanence of it is part of the art. Still I feel sad that something really beautiful will be nommed. Even if it is really REALLY nommy)

In other arty crafty news. Trust me to find a flickr group called superhero fine art.

My favourite painting is this one of Rogue

The Superman

Well what is it?


Batgirl looking, well, a bit confused but still gorgeous.

The Wonder


WW and Ivy

And here is my quickly sketched drawing of my favourite super villian Harley

Harley Quinn

Action figures tiered cake.


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