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Last weekend (and stuff) 15 October, 2010

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I suppose I should write this up since it is nearly next weekend already!

Last weekend was full of artiness and craftiness. On Friday I went to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace. As I am not much of a sewer (I do like to sew by hand a bit but get frustrated with my ancient sewing machine and have never once been able to set the tension to something other than ‘incredibly annoying’.) so at least half of the exhibition is completely foreign to me. I cannot imagine a time where I will ever have the patience to sew a quilt.

But even so I bought a few things:

500g of wensleydale wool top and about 4-5g of dyed locks and two gorgeous patterns.
This book of vintage patterns. I am hoping I can make the Xmas sweater (not shown there) in time to wear to work on the 24th!
A lovely vintage style enamelled brooch by buddug.

I also looked at the Habu textiles yarn shop which was very gorgeous and completely overpriced for me. But the star of the show for me was The Glass Pingle. I’ve encountered these beautiful buttons and haberdashery before in Prick your finger, east London. She has an etsy and you can also buy the buttons in Loop. Expensive but unlike Habu 100% worth the cash.

Afterwards I went and sat out on the hill and looked at London and attempted to finish the beret I am knitting. (It went wrong. I am trying again. Wish me luck.) I met a nice doggie.

Alexandra Palace. It’s so romantic in autumn.

The Ally Pally transmitter. Not shown: The Doctor holding Maureen Lipman inna box.

Sunday I visited Kensington Gardens with Nikki to see the Anish Kapoor scultures. The first one we encountered was the small sky mirror which to be honest (and I love Anish Kapoor) was entirely underwhelming. Even the geese seemed rather unbothered. Though I’ve never seen a goose look really super interested in art.

The three other pieces were more interesting and I’ve always loved how interactive his work is. I always find myself taken in by the sweeping curves. Even though you can’t actually touch it you can move around and get a new experience every time and the unexpected shapes in the middle of the park are amazing.

Sadly I forgot my camera but you can see pictures of the pieces with the artist posing self consciously next to them here.

We also visited the Serpentine Gallery who are showing an exhibition of Kara Liden’s work. The work is very eclectic so there is probably at least one piece in there you will find yourself interested in. I vaguely liked the slowed down moonwalk video but my favourite pieces were the triptych of videos of the artist throwing bits of stuff into an urban river and a room of layered found posters.

Best of all, it was all free!!

My friend Katy is walking 78 miles through London for charity in memory of her father. Her sister brought her down this gorgeous puppet made by her father when he was 8. It’s incredible.

Katy and I went to the Things exhibit at the Wellcome yesterday. The blog and flickr group are already incredibly interesting.

These are the things I put in.

And here they are on the website. It was lovely to chat to the artist and to see all the things and curios and weirdness that people put in.

Katy put in some socks which used to belong to her father and now belong to her. I’ll put up the link when they are up on the web. She managed to persuade the artist to put them in on the 1st May which is the day she will be walking London.

Also Aug from the lovely H Bird has brought it to my attention that H Bird’s album Operation: Fascination is on Amazon. Which means my artwork is on Amazon. I can’t even begin to tell you how damn exciting this is.


3 Responses to “Last weekend (and stuff)”

  1. Kate Says:

    WHEEE! I’m so excited that our Things are in the Wellcome, Pippa! Must remember to RSVP so we can get ourselves to those drinks on Tuesday. 🙂


  2. Kake Says:

    I’ve had this post open in a tab waiting for me to remember it was there and post this comment. I just wanted to say thank you for the link to Katy’s walking blog — it is relevant to my interests (and I have subscribed)!

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