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Ill 17 November, 2010

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I’m off work with an ill today (or yesterday depending on when this gets posted) so I thought I’d do a thorough update. I’m very excited to have my first craft fair (link) in two weekends time though as I have found out there is mulled wine and roasted chestnuts I will probably spend any profits I make on tasty things.

Last night I went to go and see Priscilla Queen of the Desert the musical. It’s not quite as sensitive as the film but 1/ Alf from Home and Away was in it (10/10) and 2/ I loved the costumes.

I have fallen a bit in love with this chap:

Oliver Thornton who plays Felicia.

Here he is (on the left) wearing bloomers.
I’ve always been pro bloomers.

I’ve been working on some new stuff for an exhibition:

Glasses lady (This is not its official title I am just feeling unimaginative at the moment.

French lady

Ghost and cat

My cousin went on the NUS protests in London. I am super proud of her (She didn’t throw anything at police from the top of Milbank!!) as I was a theoretical socialist and never campaigned against anything at all which I now thoroughly regret. Her and her friends took some awesome pictures and these are my favourites:

Best Banner Ever.

This guy is so cool. (The banner isn’t his own!)


4 Responses to “Ill”

  1. Kake Says:

    Hope you feel better soon. I love the ghost sticking its tongue out!

  2. Love the girl in the glasses. When’s ur exhibition? I’d like 2 cum.

    Did u no there’s also a Vintage Tea Party taking place this Sat, & i’ll b there teaching crochet. Check out my blog 4 more details, plus i’ve blogged about u!: glammamamma.tumblr.com

    Hope u can make it.

    C u @ the Fox next week.

    M x

    • pippaalice Says:

      Hurrah! Thank you so much for the blog. I hope you had fun at the vintage tea party. I was at a crafternoon thingy. xx

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