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More winter craftness 26 November, 2010

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 Here are 4 little drawings I’ve done for the winter craft fair on Sunday in Lewisham. If you are in the area please pop in.


Link to facebook event

Cat Naps for Winter craft fair in Lewisham

Winter girl for Winter craft fair in Lewisham

Reindeer girl for Winter craft fair in Lewisham

Quiet girl for Winter craft fair in Lewisham

Interesting article on 3-D printing technology on the Beeb.

There has been a lot on Make about what can be done with 3-D printing, I’d never even heard of it til I started following their blog a few months ago. The stop motion film Dot was created using that technology too. I am wondering if it would be really useful for crafters. I’m looking forward to seeing what is done with it.

3-D Printing>3-D TV.

I’ve put the comics bit at the end because in general the people I know don’t know what the hell I am talking about and you may be the same. Or you might like comics. (I hope you like comics, they’re awesome!)

I’m currently reading the whole world of X men comics. I love X men but I fear this may start to get tired when 50% of my order is Wolverine based. I don’t even like Wolverine that much…

Though it has stopped my quota of red-headed girl protagonists being above 50% so maybe it’s a good thing? (I had to drop Young Allies despite a childhood passion for Firestar because it was so incredibly RUBBISH. Terrible. I am sad though cuz Hellcat popped up a few times and WHAT IF SHE DOES SOMETHING COOL?!(I love Hellcat))

Rather predictably most of my order (as with most of my illustrations) is girlie girlie girlie. I’m really enjoying Generation Hope, Gotham City Sirens, X 23 and I am SUPER looking forward to Batwoman getting her own comic Very Soon. OMG OMG! (End of insightful and feminist paragraph on females in comics. Sigh. I am probably not that great at talking about comics in another other than a EEE! LOOK! EXCITING! Manner.)

Favourite 20 comic book females. The list is a little light on supervillianesses but I agree with many of the choices. I might compile my own one shortly!

Just to complete the geek of this post a very sweet and funny story of meeting Neil Gaiman.


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