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H Bird 15 December, 2010

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I have loads to chat about, I need to do my write up of the craft fair and I also went to ATP and have some photos to share from that. Oh and today at work we are having a bake off so I will take pics of that too. However I wanted to do a post about the lovely H Bird album. H Bird is made up of Aug Stone, Kate Dornan (who has been in Fosca & Scarlet’s Well) & Kasia Middleton and are one of my favourite bands. They appeal to the part of me who loves Kenickie and St Etienne and sad songs about love and nightlife in the city. I am not very good at reviews so I suggest you read these instead:

Von pip musical express review

Amazon review

H Bird have just released their first Album, Operation: Fascination. Aug kindly asked me to do the album artwork based on a drawing I did that he liked. I’d never been commissioned before and didn’t have a clue what I was doing so it was very brave of him to chose me. In the end the whole thing was a collaborative effort involving lots of drawing, lots and LOTS of concepts and a slow learning process on Photoshop.

And this is the end product:

H Bird Operation: Fascination album artwork

I am dead chuffed with it and I believe that the band like it too which is a good start. Kate did the gorgeous lettering, the background photo is by Aug’s friend Gemma and the design, colouring and drawings were done by me. It’s amazing to see a product you have been involved with on Amazon and iTunes. But most importantly you can buy the album at Corporate Records. Corporate Records was started by Simon and Julia Indelicate of the amazing band The Indelicates. Here comes the explaination bit:

“Corporate Records, [is] a new kind of record company…As the traditional music industry struggles to adapt to the challenge of the internet, we make it simple for musicians to share, sell and promote their work. Sell single tracks or group them into multiple albums, set minimum prices or use a pay-what-you-like system, embed your tracks in blogs and share static download links on twitter and facebook… Corporate Records is designed to reflect the music market that exists and to make it easy for artists to get all they can from it.”

Good, yes?

So anyone who loves shiny thoughtful sad/happy pop should click here and listen and if you like what you hear I strongly suggest downloading it and living a happy life.


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