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Snow 21 December, 2010

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It has been snowing in London. This will probably be a surprise to approx 0% of people reading this. Snow fell and my garden was all pretty (until I stomped around it) and my cats were very, very annoyed.

So this is what my snow filled weekend was like (Warning, contains extreme cabin fever)

Friday: Fell on bottom on the ice. Several other people fell on their bottoms too. Then there was a work party. Not enough veggie food and too much wine. This plus ice should have = disaster but you’ll be pleased to note that I am fine.

Saturday: Snow fell. Really hard. Likelihood of exciting Best Friend’s nightclubbing became remote. Central line stopped working. Overground trains gave up the ghost. In honour of this I did not leave my house at all. What I did do:

Wrapped up Sarah Beth’s present.

Did some knitting and sewing of other presents.

Watched the first episode of The Awakening (Dr Who ‘Classic series’) on youtube. (Here is my review: Civil War re-enactment goes WRONG, random 30 year old ginger schoolboy, unconvincing stone devil in church, impressive church explosion, irritating blonde woman who was a teacher or something, boy from the PAST, green gloop, fantastic 80s flashing lights special effects, The Doctor talks excitedly about tea. The End)

Watched Ghost Light (Again Dr Who) on YouTube. I won’t review this because I am slightly uncertain as to what the hell was going on but Ace dressed in a suit =doubleplusgood. I haven’t seen this since I was a child and I remember it being THE MOST AMAZING THING when I was a child. It certainly has atmosphere but also a really pointless villain. Worth the rewatch though.

My brother made this awesome snowman (I don’t live with my parents and brother btw so I didn’t get to see this in full splendor)

He pressed the bell and ran away and my confused mother answered the door. My Dad swore at the snowman but that’s his usual reaction to guests so it’s fine. You can join my little brother’s ‘stealth snowman making’ group on facebook if you wish.

I believe after this point I descended into cabin fever.


Watched the remaining episode of The Awakening then after Dr Who O’clock I went to play in the SNOW! Snow is a bit rubbish when you are an adult because it interferes with good things such as drinking and dancing. When you are a child you don’t need booze and dancing can occur anywhere.

However I made a gallant attempt to childishly enjoy the snow (it wasn’t that much of an effort, truth be told) by jumping on all the clean lovely bits of snow and kicking them into the air. One of my cats, Ginny, came to join me. She hated it.

I didn’t manage to make a stealth snowman as it turns out I am terrible at making snowmen.

But at least I tried. And he’s wearing a Totoro hat! 😀 Eeee! I have 2 Totoro hats and a Catbus one. I am entirely mature.

Here is my garden in the snow.

This is me in the snow. I am cold.

I also have hot chocolate on my face. Classy.

Then I came in and watched Dirk Gently (Fantastic and awesome with some top class casting. I am a bit in love with Steve Mangan. Worryingly I fell in love with him during Green Wing.)

Whilst I was waiting for The Apprentice I decided to watch Horrible Histories (Based on the children’s books by Terry Dean) and Octonauts. Octonauts is AMAZING. 1/ It’s so deliciously, sickenly cute that I am totally mesmerised when it is on. They had some very cute sea anemones in this episode. They were having a fight. A REALLY cute fight.

Also the Octonauts appear to have cute vegetable slaves. The cute vegetable slaves SUCK at making pudding and made a mess of the whole ship. I am not entirely sure what was happening but it was REALLY cute. They all have big heads and stuff. Amazing!

Yesterday I walked home in Sno:

Because I live in a classy neighbourhood there was a materess on the floor. Snow makes everything romantic, right?

I may not have made a stealth snowman but I made some stealth smileys

Here are some bits and bobs from my interweb travels:

Crochet Car. About as much use in this snow as a real car.

A dog wearing a happi from Tokyo Bling. I REALLY want to squish this dog. Argh! His FACE!

Going geeky:

I love this.
I don’t really understand how quilts happen so this makes this one even more amazing.

Despite not playing table top geek games I am fairly obsessed with gaming dice. There is a website which I’ll try to find of someone who has collected loads of different sided dice. Anyway I am not sure I understand the point of these little guys as I imagine you can put a dice on a table with the minimum of fuss but still.
Tiny dragons pointlessly holding a die.


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