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24 January, 2011

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Look I finished my doll:

Doll 1

Doll 3

Doll 4

I don’t like her head *that* much. (OFF WITH HER HEAD! Um not really, I can’t be that cruel, not even to inanimate but anthropomorphic objects) but making her was a really interesting process. I used that japanese paper clay that dries in air and is incredibly light and I used this tute from the talented Paola Zakimi for the head. I think I need to practice 3-d painting A Lot More. It’s difficult.

I also did some shawl knitting and soft toy knitting this weekend. If all goes well I will have finished 6 craft projects this month. Though one of them was just ‘sew this piece of elastic together’. I could give Kirstie Allsop a run for her money. Or not.

I love crafting but I am about as far away from a domestic goddess as you can get. I love making things and working out solutions to problems. And I love reading craft porn websites full of classy homes all decked out in handmade and vintage. My house is a bit of a tip though. And my cats, rather than sit delicately on a hand crocheted blanket for me to take sweet pictures of, tend to eat any papercraft things I make and sick up on my crocheted blanket.

What I am saying is ENJOY the household porn stuff, wish your house was full of sunlight and lacking in cobwebs but don’t get caught up in it. Just make stuff, love making stuff, that’s all any crafter needs to do.

I am currently a bit obsessed with vintage and mori girl style knitting patterns. Tiny Owl Knits are amazing. I am probably too old to be wearing a deer hat but I guess there is only one way to find out…

I took some photos of my pictures on the walls of the Fox and Firkin in Lewisham.









And it was lovely to have a gin with David and Katy. Though perhaps the band were’n’t quite to my tastes…


A brief blogpost 22 January, 2011

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Lovely Kat at Unorthodox has done a blog post on all the artists in the shop.

In sadder news I have been really depressed to see yet more ripping off of Gemma Correll and now She Draws. I love both of these artist-makers and am seriously fed up with the highstreet ripping people off. (Anyone remember the Paperchase/Hidden Eloise rip?) I do understand that often these designs come from other artists or overseas rather than inhouse designers. However if you are producing stuff and making a fortune from it like Gap and Claire’s you should be CHECKING to see if things are original or not before you buy. Disgusting really. If you tweet about it use the hashtag #highsteetcopies.

Speaking of Twitter and Unorthodox I was recently added by artist Louise Berrill who also sells her lovely artwork at Unorthodox. I’ve been having a look at her portfolio and I absolutely love these fantasy lands paintings. Especially the cat one.


Exhibitions and more blue hippos 17 January, 2011

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Carl at the Fox and Firkin in Lewisham kindly put up my pictures on their pub wall. They are originals that are available to buy. The Fox is a fantastic pub which I know about (even though I am an east Londoner) through my friends David and Katy

This is what is on sale/display (NB some of them are in different frames to what is displayed) :

I hope the people of Lewisham like them! If you are in the area there is always something happening there, craft nights, music and quizzes so it is well worth a visit.

Also look at the genuinely amazing thing Katy found! Blue Hippo mittens! It seems I am not the only one who loves a blue hippo.


Hippos and craft 12 January, 2011

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These are unfinished things I want done by the end of the month:

Shawl of doom (My mum bought me a lovely kit for making a shawl. I am making it go wrong. That’ll teach me to use the wrong sized needles won’t it?)

TLR Camera

Headband (This is super simple, just needs sewing in one place)


Terrible photo of hairband

Close up of hairband

Doll (needs an outfit made and legs)

Art Doll

Art doll

Jointed art doll

Things I have learnt from making this doll

1/Don’t ever, ever put the hair on before you’ve finished it
2/Have a better idea of what to do with the face so you don’t end up having to put hair over one eye because you messed it up
3/Making dolls is great fun

Purse (Again super simple, from a kit my mum bought me. I think I’ll use it for sewing/knitting notions)





Getting longer by the day



Not exactly resolutions so therefore it’s fine if I don’t do them or put them in any kind of format that is useful.


Things I’ve done recently:

Saturday went to the V&A, with friends. Spent most of it sulking and being irritating. We saw:

1/ The Peter Rabbit exhibit. Beatrix Potter’s illustrations are beautiful and delicate and clever. I’m obviously entirely jealous.
2/ Exhibit on Charles Holden’s London Underground architecture.
3/ Exhibit on Isotype. Made me kind of annoyed. I think I take things too seriously, it’s just I prefer a nice graph with numbers and axis and stuff. Not pictures of half a tractor. Anyway I loved the print blocks and the flat style of illustration.

Monday I went to the British Museum Book of the Dead exhibit with my mum. It was incredible. I love the idea of having spells with you when you die, in order to transform yourself and help you fight/ find your way.

Gayer-Anderson cat in the British Museum

The Gayer-Anderson cat.

My favourite item in the British Museum is an Egyptian hippo:

Hippo info

Blue Hippo in the british museum

Egyptian Blue Hippo in the british museum

I like the idea of the hippos in tombs all rampaging and so the Egyptians are like, OMG BREAK ITS LEGS! STOP THE RAMPAGE!

I have a tiny copy of another blue hippo. Would it be completely wrong to email the British Museum and ask where the little hippo has gone to? Going by other people’s photos it should be in the same case but I’ve never seen it. Come back tiny hippo! All is forgiven!

Tiny Blue Hippo

I have decided to design some embroidery and maybe cross stitch patterns. *Adds to ever growing lists*


Twin Lens Reflex fun 7 January, 2011

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My Recesky TLR Kit came today. I can’t wait to put it together. I am going to the V&A tomorrow maybe I can give it a go there. (these aren’t my photos but just so you know what I am on about in case you think I’ve gone quite mad!!)

Recesky (Gakken Flex Clone) TLR Fully Assembled

Recesky (Gakken Flex Clone) TLR Kit


ATP 6 January, 2011

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I did go to ATP! Belle and Sebastian have been one of my favourite bands for ages and I was far too poor for Bowlie 1 so when I had the chance to go to Bowlie 2 I had to go.

Here is a slightly over-enthusiastic review:

(Please note that there are some less than safe for work images (Of Cynthia Plaster Caster with several of her art objects…) after the cut.)

On Friday morning I met up with Tim, Stephanie, Kevan and Jo in various parts of London and Tim drove us using his driving skills. We got there in the late afternoon on Friday and shoved our stuff in the chalet and we went to see some bands:

First up Gavin Osborn and Daniel Kitson did their love story/song thing. I missed the beginning but it was still lovely as per usual. I usually have a bit of a problem with this ‘love is all things’ stuff especially when it has putting girls on a pedestal involved but DK does it really well.

Best Cost were pretty boring but also quite nice and calm to watch. In general: Meh.

Watched a very tiny bit of teenage fanclub, it was, um, very indie. Lots of people I know liked them and looked happy which was nice.

Also saw a very tiny bit of The Zombies. They played a song I knew. I nodded along like an indie londoner and then had dinner of CHIPS!

St Et were very good even if they were late and Sarah forgot the words. Her dancing was a bit weird to start with but then she relaxed and I did a little dance. I think we then went back to Rick and Kat’s chalet and ate popcorn. I got an early night because I wanted to be chipper for the morning.

Saturday I got ready whilst listening to B&S sound check. ARGH! EXCITEMENT! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Went to Tescos and then saw Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan. I believe I am entirely alone in going, Meh. I don’t think their voices work together. I’ve never been mega keen on gruff voices.

I saw a bit of Frightened Rabit. I think I really like them and want to see them again.

Then Edwyn Collins. I’ve never really liked to songs of his I’ve heard so I wasn’t expecting much however it was 100% amazing. Probably my second highlight of the festival. It was just a really happy indie jam session. Alex K joined them on stage and the backing band was the Teenage fan club. I loved it. And EC’s voice is gorgeous. Hurrah!

In contrast I was looking forward to Julian Cope, I know he is a bit introspective but he’s amazing and weird and clever and awesome. However live he was a bit boring after a while. I only needed 30 mins of it really.

I saw a tiny tiny bit of Dean Wareham. I don’t think I saw enough to have a full opinion. Lots of people I know like him. I’d never heard of him at all.

Then I saw Cynthia Plaster Caster do a talk. She was incredibly nervous and she seemed a bit confused by it all but when talking about her dicks she was very much alive. (Which is a bit odd I suppose) I have some awesome pictures of her holding Noel Redding and Jimi Hendrix’s cocks looking really animated. I have put the pics after the review to stop people being too scared.

THEN it was BELLE AND SEBASTIAN. I don’t think I can even do a review. I am so insanely happy that I got to see them. My life rocks. I even ended up buying a dog on wheels brooch even though I can’t afford it as a memory. ARGH! Seriously amazing.

I am not really sure what happened after. Possibly more Rick and Kat chalet? Was this when the popcorn happened? Ah I haven’t a clue. I was drunk.

There was some indie discoing which tbh sucked for me because I am always getting punches in the back when dancing and apart from my friends and some people dressed as furbies people seemed to be actually attempting to be arseholes. Joy.

Crystal Castles were right up my street but as I had no earplugs my ears started feeling as if they were about to bleed. I retired about 2ish. Must try harder.

Sunday I wandered around. I wanted to see Sons and Daughters and Camera Obscura. What I actually did was, visit Kat and Rick, drink cider and tea. Eat bloody awesome chilli and watch the x factor final. I also did some singstar. For some reason I didn’t suck. I have no idea how this happened.





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I took the Christmas decorations down last night:



Lights off:

Even my window sticker robots got in on the act:

Bonus out of focus cat:

I hope your break was happy. I guess it’s back to normality now. Sob.