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Hippos and craft 12 January, 2011

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These are unfinished things I want done by the end of the month:

Shawl of doom (My mum bought me a lovely kit for making a shawl. I am making it go wrong. That’ll teach me to use the wrong sized needles won’t it?)

TLR Camera

Headband (This is super simple, just needs sewing in one place)


Terrible photo of hairband

Close up of hairband

Doll (needs an outfit made and legs)

Art Doll

Art doll

Jointed art doll

Things I have learnt from making this doll

1/Don’t ever, ever put the hair on before you’ve finished it
2/Have a better idea of what to do with the face so you don’t end up having to put hair over one eye because you messed it up
3/Making dolls is great fun

Purse (Again super simple, from a kit my mum bought me. I think I’ll use it for sewing/knitting notions)





Getting longer by the day



Not exactly resolutions so therefore it’s fine if I don’t do them or put them in any kind of format that is useful.


Things I’ve done recently:

Saturday went to the V&A, with friends. Spent most of it sulking and being irritating. We saw:

1/ The Peter Rabbit exhibit. Beatrix Potter’s illustrations are beautiful and delicate and clever. I’m obviously entirely jealous.
2/ Exhibit on Charles Holden’s London Underground architecture.
3/ Exhibit on Isotype. Made me kind of annoyed. I think I take things too seriously, it’s just I prefer a nice graph with numbers and axis and stuff. Not pictures of half a tractor. Anyway I loved the print blocks and the flat style of illustration.

Monday I went to the British Museum Book of the Dead exhibit with my mum. It was incredible. I love the idea of having spells with you when you die, in order to transform yourself and help you fight/ find your way.

Gayer-Anderson cat in the British Museum

The Gayer-Anderson cat.

My favourite item in the British Museum is an Egyptian hippo:

Hippo info

Blue Hippo in the british museum

Egyptian Blue Hippo in the british museum

I like the idea of the hippos in tombs all rampaging and so the Egyptians are like, OMG BREAK ITS LEGS! STOP THE RAMPAGE!

I have a tiny copy of another blue hippo. Would it be completely wrong to email the British Museum and ask where the little hippo has gone to? Going by other people’s photos it should be in the same case but I’ve never seen it. Come back tiny hippo! All is forgiven!

Tiny Blue Hippo

I have decided to design some embroidery and maybe cross stitch patterns. *Adds to ever growing lists*


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