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A brief blogpost 22 January, 2011

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Lovely Kat at Unorthodox has done a blog post on all the artists in the shop.

In sadder news I have been really depressed to see yet more ripping off of Gemma Correll and now She Draws. I love both of these artist-makers and am seriously fed up with the highstreet ripping people off. (Anyone remember the Paperchase/Hidden Eloise rip?) I do understand that often these designs come from other artists or overseas rather than inhouse designers. However if you are producing stuff and making a fortune from it like Gap and Claire’s you should be CHECKING to see if things are original or not before you buy. Disgusting really. If you tweet about it use the hashtag #highsteetcopies.

Speaking of Twitter and Unorthodox I was recently added by artist Louise Berrill who also sells her lovely artwork at Unorthodox. I’ve been having a look at her portfolio and I absolutely love these fantasy lands paintings. Especially the cat one.


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