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Craft Fair 16 February, 2011

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Right I totally suck, I still haven’t written up the winter craft fair I was at months ago. After this I will post about my finished crafts and other assorted things I need to remember.

This was my first craft fair and it was Very Very cold. However it was also fun and I got to meet lots of other crafty people and illustrators. Also two people bought me mulled wine. One of them was a complete stranger who also bought a few cards. Thank you complete stranger, you cheered my day up no end.

I am quite shy, not painfully ‘I cannot possibly ever talk’ shy, but ‘oh what do I say now? I’ve caused an akward silence, oh the shame!’ shy.

At no point when preparing for the fair had I thought about this aspect of it, I had a float, I had stock and pretty displays, I had price tags, however I had no idea what to say when my first customer came up. This was me —> “…”.

And I panicked. Which made the silence worse. Luckily my other brain, which seems to kick in when I have completely lost it, told me off and started asking how first customer was and talking about what I do. Phew! By the end I was much more ‘BUY MY STUFF, It’s pretty awesome, right?’. I didn’t even know I had that in me.

I have so far entirely failed to look up new craft fairs to attend. I really need to sort that. I suppose having about a million things to do hasn’t really helped this year get off to a punchy start. It’s more ‘omg RUSH SORT THE THING OUT OMG OMG! RUN!!!!’

So this is my set up for the day. It’s in the lovely (but quite cold in winter!!) Fox and Firkin beer garden.

There were two lovely black cats as well who kept trying to hide under people’s armpits to warm up. One of them came crashing through my display (it was a pub table with seats on and she fell through between the seat and table.) and walked from out of the table pretending that hadn’t happened.

I also got to see some lovely work by others.

I absolutely love Sarah Gooch’s robots. Robots really rule! As do her lovely tea illustrations. This is her stall, shared with Vicky Scott who is also an awesome illustrator. She uses collage which I really like. This is my favourite piece by her, if anyone wants to buy it for me that’d be ace. ^_^ (Click for the link to buy!)

Bothered Owl are pretty much entirely up my street, they do very cool knitting supplies and jewellery. Mostly featuring Lego minifigs. I completely love Lego (Am especially obsessed with the Poison Ivy and Harley minifigs.) and she also had some little batman purses. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything at the fair because I was being all profit focused (I like that my business mind made about £20 but spent that on groceries on the way home!) but if I had this is what I would have bought. Do check out their blog and folksy.

I had a nice chat with Jane Cameron about her glass work. I would be completely scared of anything that hot! Not least I am a massive klutz. I’d probably end up embedding glass into myself somehow. I just love the really strong colours. Her scarves are also beautifully coloured. I like the bat ones on her Folksy.

These are Marcia’s lovely knitted and crocheted pieces.

Little Miss B organised the whole thing. YAY her! I am completely in love with her sweet hats and hair clips.

I don’t have a website for Laura but here are her Steampunk inspired necklaces.


4 Responses to “Craft Fair”

  1. Thanks for the right up, it was a lovely day. your pics are lovely.

  2. Jane Cameron Says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for the writeup! It was lovely to meet you and I’m glad you survived being outside. The bat coasters are here: http://folksy.com/shops/janecameron

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