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Many Things 17 February, 2011

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Firstly, My dear, dear, snuggly and lovely friend, Bec has done an amazing thing. She is a writer and poet and currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing. This is her portfolio for the poetry element of her course. 1/ I love these kind of things, it’s like a dolls’ house and you don’t know what you will find hiding inside each door and 2/ two of the poems are based on drawings I did. She’s basically the most excellent person ever. I love her. ❤

Click here to have a read

Last night I emailed my favourite museum the Wellcome collection (My dream job would be working for them!) and said I’d love it if they ran an exhibition of medical based craft. I am completely obsessed with science and medicine craft. I will blog about it one day and it will take up a lot of space!

Secondly, I’ve been busy making recently:


I’ve just finished this hat which I made with very old pure wool yarn from a charity shop. The colour is really soft and beautiful and it’s actually a nice yarn. I wanted to make a lacy beret but it turns out I wasn’t really sure how to do that so instead I made this weird gathered thing. I really love it though I doubt I could recreate it. It’s properly a I’m-not-sure-what-I’m-doing one of a kind. The brooch is my Grandma’s. It’s too delicate really to be on the hat but I think it looks cute for now. Finishing the hat was a bit difficult as Bob (My black cat.) kept attacking the yarn and I couldn’t get to it. Sigh.

I still have 2.5 balls of this stuff. Not really sure what to do with them. I am really being harsh on myself with buying yarn. And because I want to buy some to make something from my vintage knitting book I have decided to use up as much yarn as possible so I can BUY MORE!

Yeah I am a disgusting hoarder, I know.


I also turned this mini top hat I made with handspun from Prick your finger into a pencil holder. I quite like this use for it. For ages it was sitting around So don’t ever give up on your finished objects, they may become something else that is awesome.


As part of my ‘Project knit things you haven’t before’ I knitted this toy Tortoise called Sheldon from Knitty.

I kind of love him and was sad to see him go off to his new home with a brand new tiny human.




I have also made this little book as a birthday present for my friend Kate. I am planning on making her Beowulf socks but until this time she got this. More pics at my flickr.

I got the idea from one of the many craft blogs I follow. If I ever work out which one I will provide a link. I love mini books, I need to have a stronger idea of what I am drawing though. I just chose really random things for this one. The next time I do this I might use a hinge or something like that as the book cover.

I have several things on the TO DO pile. Most of them are either vintagey patterns (like the delicious and very difficult looking lace gloves which I’ve been meaning to make for aprox 3 years.) or Mori girl inspired. I love that woodland natural flow-y thing. My favourite pattern maker for that type of thing is currently Tiny Owl Knits. I love the deer poncho, kitten and bird’s nest mitts and the bo peep scarf. I clearly need to make ALL THESE THINGS!

I also really want to make the William it was really nothing gloves (I have the pattern, just need the yarn…oh except I am not allowed new yarn…BOO!) and I am currently in love with these steampunk patterns by the Jane Victoria. (I do like a nice slice of Victoriana) :

And these ones by sanguine gryphon. Clearly before I begin my course I am making myself some greek vase socks. I might design one with the ladies watering dildos on them. (did I dream this? Is it an actual vase pattern?)

One more link (which appears to be down atm! :/), if you haven’t read Darwin Carmichael is going to hell I strongly recommend it. It’s the story of an alternate universe where mythical characters hang around. Darwin is going to hell because he cause the Dali Lama brain damage and is currently trying to reset his karma. I am not sure that description really makes it sound as good as it is. It’s written and drawn by two girls and is funny and clever and has a very cute Tween Manticore. What more can you want?

I finish this post with a picture of Ginny in her bed because cats rule the internet.



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