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Gators gonna gait 28 February, 2011

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Some lovely linkspam to cheer your Monday:

I love this baby sno leopard so much it hurts a bit. I wish she was my very own sno leopard but tbh I don’t know how to care for her properly and she’d probably eat my cats. I am quite fond of my cats. I am a wee bit obsessed with snow leopards, they are beautiful creatures and they are very endangered.


Dalek dress! Perfect for all cocktail parties hosted by people you don’t like.


I don’t really understand, despite copious Googling, what this is about or where it is from:

But it makes me die a little inside of happiness. (NB if you do know what it is can you pls let me know so I can linkback to copyright holder)

Red hair fetishes are the best

I got my Wonder Woman make up on Friday, and a LOT of comics. I think I am geeked up for the next month or so!


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