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Many things! 1 April, 2011

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I haven’t stopped updating this, just a bit busy at the moment. Here’s a ‘what I’ve been up to’ update.

1/ I’ve sorted out my online portfolio. Have a look here

I’m working on a downloadable (and free! Woo!) jointed paper doll as an Easter gift to my readers. Here’s a sneak preview. She needs a tiny bit of work and I managed to put her legs too far up so she looks a bit short!

Jointed paper doll

There are some more pics on my flickr

Am also making another jointed doll. She needs a new right arm (I broke her hand!!) and painted/varnished limbs. PLUS clothes. But you get the idea.

Art doll face


I’m also making some little mittens to go with this beret I knitted:

Here is some lovely picspam with links for where they came from (click on the pics):

No face cosplay

No face cosplay

The tiniest Harley Quinn dress up.

Tiny Harley Quinn

Cute magical science kittens. Pretty much made me die of cute.

Tiny science kitty

I’ve also been charity shop shopping:


Vintage buttons



Little vintage owl

Vintage brooches


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