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Liberation’s wasted on me 23 June, 2011

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Just made a new banner for my other blog

Not happy with what WordPress does to it when I upload it but here is the full and proper version. (I haven’t been able to stop drawing Wonder Woman today. I haven’t a clue why.)



Slightly blurry post it note sketches 22 June, 2011

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I do a lot of sketching at work whilst thinking or writing notes out. Here are some of the Post It Note sketches I’ve done recently. The ghosts are based on the ones drawn by Emily at the Black Apple. Though to be honest there are only so many ways you can draw a ghost. Sorry for the lack of blogging recently. I’ve taken on a lot more work at work, as well as being a Union rep and getting ready for my course. AND I’ve been a big old snot monster too. YEY!






This one has added tip ex pen high lights!




3 June, 2011

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Will be posting soon on Various Things:

However I just popped in to say I am also writing a new blog on feminism and pop/geek culture:

Liberation’s wasted on me