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Birthdays and sky 23 August, 2011

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My Dad had a birthday I made him a banner:


And a gift (The tickets haven’t come yet)



And I packaged up a tiny compass and tiny birthday card using the World’s Smallest Post Office kit:



And I dressed up:


And yesterday there was a beautiful sky:


Sky 22/08/2011


I love Gemma Correll [via]


I wonder how hard it would be to make something like this. [via]



Edwyn Collins, who was one of my highlights of Bowlie 2, has created some fabric for Liberty. During his recovering from a cerebral hemorrhage he drew birds every day. via


Can I have one please? [via]



Snigger [via


2 August, 2011

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Some lovely things:

1/ Draw bunnies

2/ I’ve just enrolled at Birkbeck University to study an MA in Classical Civilisations

3/ I worked on some dolls recently and here they are all finished. Sadly they haven’t photographed well and look a bit blotchy but you get the idea.



4/ I will be at the Fox and Firkin in Lewisham from 12 on Sunday selling Pippa Alice things. I hope you can join me. I’ll have some bookmarks and a few new things

5/ I have a new doll. She’s a Maybe Phoebe Neo Blythe. She has translucent skin which is weird but also beautiful. I made her a shawl.



6/ I went to see Arrietty at the weekend. I love Studio Ghibli. ❤

7/ Elephants sa Hi!


8/ I recently purchased one of these:


If you are a friend expect eye-hurtingly tiny letters through your doors soon.

9/ I’ve found a place that will print plastic charms with my designs on so expect some necklaces in the shop somewhen soon

10/ The ASOS Curve sale. So many pretty dresses.

11/ I have had some fun with poster paint pens on my kitchen wall. The flowers are now filled in. The mosaic has googly eyes. It’s very authenticly Roman.



12/ My Mum bought me a new old camera. I have filled it with some 120 film and will let you know if I get any nice looking pictures