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Hello! 21 August, 2008

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WordPress helpfully create a journal entry for you but it is nonsense so I have to edit it. I have decided I want to have a proper craft blog. Unfortuantly my camera is broken so it will be a blog with few pictures for a while.

Today I found these things called Pixelblocks. I totally want some, it’ll be easier than doing a Mario cross stitch. 

I am currently trying to do a piece of art a day for this I am currently 6 days behind because I have been quite unwell but I am quite pleased with how I have done any wayl. I have being trying to teach myself it is more important to get something DONE than to expect it to be perfect.

I also have a hideous amount of crochet and knitting to do and I am currently working on making a dollhouse for my Bratz and Barbie dolls. (Eventually I shall have a Pullip and Blythe too.)

So this post isn’t just my waffling here is an elephant I made in Paint. I have a bit of an obsession with the curvy edged square from Paint.